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I loved capturing the variety of street cats in Italian cities and villages. They are the best fed I've ever seen. Common to see bowls of pasta waiting for them. Some of these feline creatures were friendly and playful; some comical; others made it quite clear not to get near.
Can't Catch Me-ArezzoPerfect Match-BaschiSiesta-BolsenaHere Kitty-Kitty-BomarzoSitting Pretty-BraccianoValley Below-CalcataStar Power-CalcataTwins on a Ledge-CalcataPlaytime-CaprarolaTrio-Civitella d AglianoI See You-CortonaCat on a Hot Tin Roof-Fiona della ChianaBehind Bars-MaglianoCrazy Cat-MartaMystery Cats-MartaCat's Eye-MontefiasconeRefreshment Time-NepiHiding-PetroloGuard Cat-ScrofianoHi There-Amelia