Digital artist friend Kristen of and I aspire to reveal through images, digital paintings, and their own words Texas women over 50 owning their own journey and going for whatever they desire out of life. Each woman has her own unique inspirational story that includes weathering hardships and loss; seeking and nourishing from within what makes them feel confident, connected, and contented. In other words, HAPPY. As to where this endeavor will take us, we don't know. Perhaps lead to an inspirational book, as well as exhibits. Whatever, we're getting so much out of this journey, as well as the women who graciously agree to be our subjects.
AntoniaAntonia B&WD'Nell and SkippyD'Nell B&WKayKay Black & WhiteNancyNancy B&WRebeccaRebecca B&WTraycTrayc B&WKristenKristen's Digital Paintings