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Tempio di Nettuno, temple, Greek, Roman, Paestum, ItalyHolding Up, temple, columns, Paestum, ItalyPortal Between Ages, opening, columns, temple, Paestum, ItalySigns of the Times, columns, sunset, temple, Paestum, ItalyRear View, temples, Paestum, ItalyPerspective, temples, Paestum, ItalyThis Old Road, Roman road, Paestum, ItalyShades of Time, grasses, ancient wall, man, Paestum, ItalyAncient Stairway, stone steps, Paestum, ItalyTemple of Athena, ruins, Paestum, ItalyAt the Top of the Hill, Temple Athena, Paestum, ItalyThis Old Face, temple, Paestum, ItalyTimeless Beauty, The National Archeological Museum, Paestum, ItalyReflections of the Past, ancient pottery, The National Archeological Museum, Paestum, ItalyAt the End of the Day, statues, pottery, sunset, Paestum, Italy