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Monterosi Exit, ItalyBack Balcony View, mountains, clouds, trees, Monterosi, ItalyMonterosi Piazza, fountain, chapel, ItalyWe're Here, Nana, chapel, piazza, Monterosi, ItalyYellow and Blue, street, cars, flags, apartment homes, Monterosi, Italy12, house, Monterosi, ItalyChapel on the Hill, Monterosi, ItalyCome to Pray, chapel, Monterosi, ItalyCity Hall, palace, Monterosi, ItalyMusic School. Monterosi, ItalyWash Day, wash tub of old, Monterosi, ItalyThis Old Church, Monterosi, ItalyThat Way, girl, running, street signs, street, wall, Monterosi, ItalyView from the Top, olive trees, mountains, clouds, Monterosi, ItalyHello, sheep, Monterosi, ItalySnap, capturing the moment, family, Monterosi, ItalyDaddy Time, Max, Ashlyn, Monterosi, ItalyChicken Stop, chickens, fence, netting, Monterosi, ItalyGoing Home, gravel road, girl, trees, Monterosi, ItalyRoad Well Traveled, Roman road, Monterosi, Italy