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I'll Wait Here, memorial, Capitoline Hill, Rome, ItalyPiazza Venezia, Rome, ItalyCapitoline Hill, Rome, stairs, statuary, ItalyPiazza del Campidoglio, Castor, Pollux, Rome, ItalyNile, statue, stairs, Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome, ItalyMinerva and Tiber, Piazza del Campidoglio, Rome, Italystatues, Emanuele II, Capidoglio, Rome, Italymarathon runners, Rome, ItalyFori Imperiali, ruins, Rome, ItalySmile, buildings, stairs, Rome, ItalyForum, Rome, Italy2Forum, Rome, ItalyStepping Through the Ages, Forum, Rome, ItalyArch, ancient Rome, forum, Rome, ItalyPast Glory, Forum, Rome, ItalyFaded Glory, columns, arch, forum, Rome, ItalyLayers of Time, columns, cross, forum, Rome, ItalyBroken Pieces, forum, Rome, ItalyArco di Tito, forum, Rome, Italycolosseum, Rome, Italy