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I'm working on a year long photography project I started back in April. Each week I head to downtown Garland and capture whatever grabs me. At times there will be an event going on, like Garland Heritage Day. Other times I'll just focus on the developmental changes happening and there are many. I always try to photograph at least one of the local historical buildings that house a business or shop and get to know those who work there. Not sure how this project will turn out or exactly where I'm going with it, but the process not only is fun, but leaving me feeling part of a community in a way I haven't since I was a kid. As an American Expatriate for over 22 years, for the longest time I didn't feel like I truly belonged anywhere. Now I feel like I'm planted and starting to grow roots, and that's a good thing:-)

I thought it fitting to end my year long photography project with how I started it, on Garland Heritage Day. The second one was extra special for me. Not only did my community roots grow much deeper, but my year long photography adventure is developing into a major photo exhibit with photographer friend Liz Luse. Will keep you posted.
Garland Dart Station, Garland, TexasTic-Tock, clock tower, train station, Garland, TexasBus Stop, train station, Garland, TexasGarland Station-TexasGarland Stop-TexasWaiting-Garland Dart Station-TexasGranville Arts Center, train station, men, apartments, Garland, TexasTicket Machines, train station, Garland, TexasCommuter-Garland-TexasPast and Present-Garland-TexasYesterday;Today-train stations-Garland-TexasStation of Old-Garland-TexasDressed for the Holidays-Historical Train Station-Christmas-Garland-TexasMakeover-1800's train station-Garland-TexasOld Face-train car-Garland-TexasSide by Side-Train Cars-Garland-TexasRestoration Underway-Garland-Texas