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Borgia Family Fortress, castle, Nepi, ItalyBorgia Family Fortress B&W, castle, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyBorgia Castle, interior, Nepi, ItalyBorgia Castle B&W, ruins, Nepi, ItalyAbove the Wall, stone, brick, rooftops, cross, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyEnter, Castello dei Borgia, gate, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyArch Upon Arch, aqueduct, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyNepi Falls, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyGreen Valley, gorge, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyThis Old House, stone, tile, trees, fence, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyNepi Chapel, stone, cross, gate, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyMain Street, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyThis Way and That Way, street, flowers, bike, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyFrutteria, fruit stand, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyMarket Day, fruit, vegetables, flowers, street, Italians, Nepi, Lazio, ItalySpringtime in Nepi, flowers, shutters, windows, doors, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyGarden Italian Style, flowers, plants, shutters, orange, gold, shadows, Nepi, ItalyCathedral of the Assunta, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyStories on the Walls, cathedral, frescos, pews, Nepi, Lazio, ItalyAll in the Details, ceiling, cathedral, Nepi, Lazio, Italy