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Welcome to Take to Heart Images

For me photography is all about connecting and storytelling.

As a writer for many years, I’m most attracted to capturing images containing elements of a story that not only grab and hold my attention, but take up residence in my heart. I had the pleasure of experiencing this time and again during the years I lived as an American expatriate in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East. Now I get to engage in such at home in the Dallas area.

As the books on my bookshelves and home décor speak of eclectic tastes, so does my photography. I get just as excited over capturing laundry flapping in a breeze as a breathtaking landscape. I hone in on people scenes that express human emotions; strengths and frailties. Historical places and details speak to me of stories of old that still resonate. The right blend of textures and colors leave me feeling like a kid given a much asked for gift and in some way played a significant role in the story I envisioned when I captured them.

I add textures and layers to images only when I feel they enhance the story I saw in my mind’s eye when I photographed them.

Digital art is a major pull for me. I will continue to take courses on that subject matter; excited over their potential impact on my work.

When it comes to my specialty portraits: family, senior girl, and pet owners and pets, I first seek to develop an easygoing relationship with clients through the exchange of emails, phone calls, and a pre-photo session meeting at the customer's home. I view the shoot itself as a playdate where I get the privilege of not only capturing a person. family, or pet at play, but personality traits and keepsake interactions.